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Wild Garlic Pesto

IMG_20170406_200227_520Wild garlic has definitely become more and more popular over the years as an ingredient in the home kitchens.

Spring fresh wild garlic pesto is tasty, easy and quick!! And super healthy of course…

-100 gr. fresh wild garlic.ajo-de-oso-propiedades-medicinales
-60 gr. Parmesan cheese.
-80 gr. Roasted cashews (we roasted in the oven, it is so quick!)
-olive oil (extra virgin, please)
-little bit of lemonjuice
-half garlic clove
-salt and pepper

Blend all together to get the perfect pesto consistency, add some more olive oil if needed. And enjoy!
Why is wild garlic good for you?
Given its antibacterial, antibiotic, antiseptic and anti … well, just about everything, properties, it makes sense to pack as much into your diet as you can. Although all garlic has this property, wild garlic has the greatest effect on lowering blood pressure. What else you need? go for it and tell us!